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dawntigga's Journal

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I make corsets for sale and am currently undergoing the torture that is the City & Guilds corsetry course! I work full time as well so I limit the amount of corsets I make for sale per year.
I ride a motorbike and have FAR to much other stuff going on in my life to list here!
adam hills, architecture, ardal o'hanlon, ball dresses, bargain bins, bill hicks, boning, books, bra making, brendon burns, buffy, busks, cartoons, cheesecake, chocolate, cinema, cloaks, clothing design, coffee, comedy, concerts, cooking, corset, corset history, corset making, corset making supplies, corset supplies, corsetier, corsetry, corsets, costume design, costumes, costuming, creativity, curves, dancing, dark chocolate, design, dressmaking, dupioni silk, eccentricity, eclecticism, education, edwardian corsets, elegance, erotic fantasies, eyeliner, fabric shopping, fairy tales, fashion, feather boas, fetish, fishnet stockings, flossing, franz ferdinand, gay rights, glam rock, glbt rights, h.i.m, hedonism, high heels, historical costume, hourglass, hourglass figure, hourglass figures, icanhascheezeburger, internet, irony, jeans, jenny eclair, jim jeffries, lace, lacing, lasagne, latex, leather, lingerie, literature, long baths, mary portas, music, mythology, pattern drafting, pirates, pj harvey, pvc, reading, retro bondage, rocky horror picture show, roleplaying, sci-fi, seduction, sewing, sewing my own clothes, sexuality, silk, silk velvet, sleep, smart people, spirituality, stays, steel, steel boning, stephen fry, stilettos, stockings, taffeta, tailoring, tattoos, terry pratchett, the goodies, tight lacing, tight-lacing, tightlacing, top hats, underbust, underwear, velvet, velvet goldmine, victorian, victorian corsets, victorian costume, victorian era, victorian gothic, victorian underwear, victoriana, vintage corsets, vintage erotica, vintage underwear